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“My books may not change your life, but they may change your day. And, sometimes, that’s just as important.”

Becki Willis Author
Becki Willis Author

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Madison deCordova is tackling one of her strangest ‘cases’ yet. An unidentified woman contacts In a Pinch, asking Madison to warn someone of impending danger. The problem? She’s not sure who the intended victim is. The only thing she’s certain of is the perpetrator: herself. She hangs up before giving her name. Something about the call sent chills down Maddy’s spine, especially with the recent hostility against law officers.

New Stand-Alone Keep Your Doors Locked (A Captivating Pychological Domestic Thriller)

A captivating psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Rave Reviews!

"There was layer upon layer of mystery and suspense. Just when I thought I figured it out, there was another twist to the story."

"I just finished reading the book - so good!!! I had to make myself stop to sleep!"

"What a thriller!! I couldn't put it down!! I felt her fear, her nervousness."

"Becki Willis has driven her game up several notches with this powerful book. I loved every minute - couldn’t put it down-full of twists, turns, nail biting drama, action and romance- based loosely on a true story that will put fear in your heart, find that good still conquers evil and love reigns!"

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Named sole heir to her aunt's estate, Charity Gannon arrives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, hoping to find a link to her past. Instead, she finds four forgotten boxes, a thirty-something-year-old mystery, and questions with no answers.

Becki Willis Author

Special Honors

The Silver Falchion Award is a highly coveted mark of achievement for all writers of the Mystery Genre. In 2021, Rose by Any Other Name was presented the award for Best Cozy. In 2022, Bye, Buy Baby claimed the top honor as Best Mystery. 

Reward of Novel Excellence

We were given the red carpet treatment at InD'Scribe 2018 in L.A., hosted by InD'Tale Magazine. I felt like a true celebrity when Tangible Spirits won a RONE during the fabulous RONE Award Ceremony.

Becki Willis Author

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