Inn the Spirit of Trickery, Book 2

Three ghosts, two sexy men, one murder, and more tricks and turns than the law allows! It’s Opening Weekend at Spirits of Texas Inn, and Hannah will either Go Big or Go home! 

After her uncle gifts her the tiny hamlet of Hannah, Texas, the reluctant owner accepts the challenge of a new career. The town (a loose definition, at best) has one claim to fame—the historic stagecoach stop, otherwise known as the Spirits of Texas Inn.

The Grand Opening is set for the Spirits of Texas Inn, and Hannah Duncan has one goal –Go Big, or Go Home!

To kick off the auspicious event, Hannah brings a Wild West Show to town for opening weekend. The event will bring in extra cash for the inn, provide fun activities for the guests, and create good will with the community. It’s a lot to tackle during the grand opening, but Hannah is taking a play from her uncle’s rule book. JoeJoe always says you never make your mark by playing it safe.

A fresh coat of paint and new décor gives the inn an updated look without sacrificing its authenticity, but its connection to the past is never an issue. Not with three resident ghosts in house!

But when the show’s wrangler is found dead before the gates even open, all Hannah’s efforts may be in vain. Shelton Long, the farrier caring for the inn’s horses—the same man who has expressed an interest in dating the innkeeper—comes to the rescue, offering his expertise at the last moment.

The show must go on, but it’s not without consequences. When the elusive Goyen makes a surprise appearance, Hannah knows something serious is afoot. The ghostly medicine woman gives her an amulet to ward off evil spirits, but she offers no explanation of where, or who, the evil comes from.

BOOK your trip to Hannah, Texas today, and join the excitement—and the danger—of Opening Weekend! Team Hannah (Hannah, Walker, Sadie and Fred) are committed to making your visit with them memorable.

The author of The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, Plain Roots, and Forgotten Boxes brings you Book Two of the lively, fun-loving Spirits of Texas Cozy Mystery Series.

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Inn The Spirit of Trickery

Becki Willis Author