Murder at the Stroke of Midnight, Book 14

The New Year isn’t turning out quite the way Madison and Brash envisioned. When Maddy literally stumbles across a dead body at their masquerade party, the evening turns into a complete disaster.

Brash recuses himself from the case when circumstantial evidence points to Genny as the killer. Now, it’s up to Maddy and the crew to beat the clock before her best friend is arrested!

On New Year’s Eve in The Sisters, Texas, anything is possible. Madison and Brash deCordova are hosting a masquerade party, so a bit of mystery and drama is expected. Murder, however, seems a bit drastic, even with Madison’s knack for finding dead bodies.

The victim is Anastacia Rowland, owner of the new café in town that is in direct competition with New Beginnings. Madison’s best friend Genny owns New Beginnings and has been dealing with postpartum depression along with threats of a lawsuit against her business.

When incriminating evidence points to Genny as the primary person of interest in her rival’s murder, Brash recuses himself from the case. Now Officer Misty Abraham is leading the investigation, and Madison knows Genny needs someone in her corner before she’s charged with a crime she didn’t commit.

While Officer Abraham sets her sights on Genny, Madison scrambles to find other viable suspects with a motive to kill the café owner. Brash warns her against interfering in the case, but she’s determined to clear her friend’s name. Even though it puts a strain on their marriage, Madison enlists Granny Bert, Virgie, and Derron to save Genny’s future.

Now to beat the clock before a formal arrest is made!

Book 14 of the addicting mystery series everyone is talking about.

The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, In Order

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  • Book 2, When the Stars Fall
  • Book 3, Stipulations & Complications
  • Book 4 , Home Again: Starting Over
  • Book 5, Genny’s Ballad
  • Book 6, Christmas in The Sisters
  • Book 7. The Lilac Code
  • Book 8, Wildflower Wedding : With a Killer Reception
  • Book 9, Sitting on A Fortune
  • Book 10, Rose By Any Other Name
  • Book 11, Bye, Buy Baby
  • Book 12, Murder Worth a Thousand Words
  • Book 13, Superstitions and Apparitions
  • Book 14, Murder at the Stroke of Midnight
  • Book 15, Sunshine and Secrets
  • Book 16, Dollars or Death
  • Book 17, Weight of The Badge
Murder at Stroke of Midnight

Becki Willis Author