Murder Worth a Thousand Words, Book 12

For over twenty-five years, Alpha Bodine’s murder has been one of the few crimes to go unsolved in The Sisters. The beloved grandmother was attacked in her parlor in broad daylight and her killer had never been found. There were no witnesses, no evidence, and no apparent motive for her death.

The mystery still haunted those who knew and loved her, particularly elected officials who hadn’t seen justice served under their watch. Her old Victorian mansion became a forgotten shrine, locked up and abandoned while rumors still swirled about her death.

The house remained shuttered to the public for a quarter of a century, until a failed business venture forced her heirs into an emergency liquidation sale. Being the close-knit community that they were, the townspeople turned out in droves to show their support; that, and to see the rumored blood stains still on the Persian carpet.

Having seen more than her share of dead bodies and crime scenes since moving back home, Madison deCordova wasn’t there for the gore. She hoped to find some small treasure from the past, some trinket or piece of artwork that filled a need she didn’t know she had.

What she found was so much more.

Maddy, of course, found Miss Alpha’s killer.

Book 12 in the best-selling, award-winning The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series.

The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, In Order

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  • Book 2, When the Stars Fall
  • Book 3, Stipulations & Complications
  • Book 4 , Home Again: Starting Over
  • Book 5, Genny’s Ballad
  • Book 6, Christmas in The Sisters
  • Book 7. The Lilac Code
  • Book 8, Wildflower Wedding : With a Killer Reception
  • Book 9, Sitting on A Fortune
  • Book 10, Rose By Any Other Name
  • Book 11, Bye, Buy Baby
  • Book 12, Murder Worth a Thousand Words
  • Book 13, Superstitions and Apparitions
  • Book 14, Murder at the Stroke of Midnight
  • Book 15, Sunshine and Secrets
  • Book 16, Dollars or Death
  • Book 17, Weight of The Badge
  • Book 18, Wheeling and Dealing
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Murder Worth a Thousand Words

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