A Case of Strangulation by a Stranger, Book 3

Suspects around every gurney.

A home invasion.

Unexpected twists.


ER Nurse Benson is left breathless when SHE’s suspected of murdering a patient.

When an asthma patient under Laurel Benson’s care dies, the ER nurse quickly realizes it wasn’t of natural causes.

Faint bruising around the neck indicates the woman was strangled, right there in the recovery room! Always a champion for her patients, the headstrong nurse is determined to find out who’s to blame and how they got past her watchful eye.

The hospital is keeping the cause of death under wraps lest the media gets wind of it, especially when evidence points to it being an inside job. Knowing a killer walks among them is stressful enough, but Laurel’s stress skyrockets when someone breaks into her home and ransacks the old Craftsman. Oddly enough, the only thing taken is her sense of peace and security.

Given their so-called ‘relationship,’ Detective Cade Resnick is barred from handling the case. Worse, he’s pre-occupied with another high-profile murder that pulls him away from her side. Laurel doesn’t bother telling him about the other odd occurrences around her house, or about the second break-in. And she’ll go to any lengths to avoid ‘the talk’ he insists is long overdue. Those, she knows, never go well.

With suspects around every gurney, danger in her own house, and twists she never sees coming, Laurel has her hands full with A Case of Strangulation by a Stranger, Book 3 of Texas General Cozy Cases of Mystery.

From the best-selling author of The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series and Forgotten Boxes.

A Case of Strangulation by a Stranger

Becki Willis Author