Bye, Buy Baby, Book 11

It’s time for another adventure in The Sisters.

Amateur sleuth Madison deCordova has trouble convincing locals she’s not a private investigator. Can she help it if half her clients hire In a Pinch Professional Services for ‘creative’ solutions to their problems? Or if she digs just a little too deep and disturbs more than she bargained for?

She thinks she’s helping a former client, Nancy Nguyen, fight stand up against a corporate giant. How could she know there’s something more than just chicken scratch afoot at Barbour Foods?

When best friends Genesis and Cutter Montgomery reveal a shocking offer they’ve received from an expectant mother, Madison recalls a conversation overheard at the hospital. Is there a connection? She knows how anxious the couple is to start a family, but something about the situation sets off warning bells in her head.

Together with her dedicated team of would-be sleuths—Genny, Granny Bert and even the junior division of In a Pinch—plus the added help of Texas General’s Head Nurse Laurel Benson, Madison digs into a new mystery.

It’s a whirlwind of suspicion and activity, spiked with all the love, laughter, and family drama you’ve come to expect in the close-knit community of The Sisters, Texas.

Break out the baby blankets and knitted booties, pull up your rocking chair, and settle in for another mystery-filled adventure!

Book 11 of the best-selling reader favorite The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series.

The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, In Order

  • Book 1, Chicken Scratch
  • Book 2, When the Stars Fall
  • Book 3, Stipulations & Complications
  • Book 4 , Home Again: Starting Over
  • Book 5, Genny’s Ballad
  • Book 6, Christmas in The Sisters
  • Book 7. The Lilac Code
  • Book 8, Wildflower Wedding : With a Killer Reception
  • Book 9, Sitting on A Fortune
  • Book 10, Rose By Any Other Name
  • Book 11, Bye, Buy Baby
  • Book 12, Murder Worth a Thousand Words
  • Book 13, Superstitions and Apparitions
  • Book 14, Murder at the Stroke of Midnight
  • Book 15, Sunshine and Secrets
  • Book 16, Dollars or Death
  • Book 17, Weight of The Badge

Becki Willis Author