He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not

Someone is stalking her.

When the police won’t take her seriously, rising culinary star Ashli Wilson hires private investigator Lange Sterling to protect her. Even though his people skills are a little rusty, Ashli never doubts his ability to keep her safe.

The jaded ex-cop likes to play by the rules and he has plenty of them…. Always be Prepared… Always Stay Focused… Never Get Personally Involved… Too bad none of his self-imposed rules apply in this case. From the moment he meets her, Lange knows there is more to Ashli —and this case— than meets the eye. This Southern belle is smart, sexy, brave, and fiercely independent. Ashli Wilson is everything Lange ever dreamed a woman should be, back when he still believed in dreams.

While he works to unravel the mystery of her stalker, she works to unravel the mystery that is Lange Sterling. Instinct tells her he has secrets of his own, plus a shattered soul in need of mending. As her stalker becomes more aggressive and a murder occurs, Lange knows Ashli’s life is in his hands. He’ll go to any length to save her life, even if it means losing what’s left of his battered heart in the process.

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Becki Willis Author