The Widow’s Baby

“A gripping novel with multiple layers,” this domestic thriller will touch your heart and stay with you long after the last page. Taryn is searching for her birth mother, but what she finds isn’t what she expects. Her quest takes her to the Amish countryside of Lancaster County, PA. How could somewhere so tranquil and serene hold such dark secrets? Named 2019 Best Mystery by the Texas Association of Authors. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Taryn Clark thought she’d outgrown the need to find her birth mother. She thought that a successful career and a comfortable life in the city were enough to be happy. Did she really need to know about the woman who had given her away? She thought she knew the answer, until an accidental discovery awakens old yearnings of being part of something bigger than herself. 

Her new quest takes her to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the heart of the Plain community. Aided by her unique eye color, a healthy dose of luck, and the private investigator she hires, Taryn finds her birth family easily enough, but finding the truth is another matter. In all her musings, she never imagined a scenario where her mother might be Amish. She never imagined that the fabric of her life might be a patchwork of faith and fear, stitched together with a dark family secret.

Taryn is determined to trace her roots, even if it means digging in the mud to do so. Now she’s caught in the quicksand of a shocking discovery and the consequences of choices made, almost forty years ago. She’ll risk everything—including her life—to uncover the truth.

From the award-winning and best-selling author of Forgotten Boxes and The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series. Readers say this is “her best yet!”

Edited for content consistency with Amish input.

Formerly titled Plain Roots and now available through Joffe Books.

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Becki Willis Author